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Nike All Court under Teng Yuan Hao's Fragment Design joined, the street visibility immediately opened, there have been a variety of colors to meet the hearts of fans. In the winter quarter once again launched a homeopathic should scenery, rich degree of chocolate making the following white green version of the summer after the re release of the original All Court low shoes, color saturation to tide fans with an estimated start again. EIL following the beginning of the year released four MotoTie Boots and 7-Holes Booat boots, this season again with these two styles based on the introduction of new colors. 2012 winter brings VEIL x Li-Ning series of new members, in addition to fresh color, MotoTie Boots in the figure is more covered with flocking zebra stripes, and electric embroidered VEIL LOGO, compared with the previous generation is more beautiful. We can through the Lining series of boots before the store to buy, while the two only in the VEIL retail stores to start, each only limited to 50 pairs in November 7th will be launched for sale, love friends need to pay close attention to.The spring of 2009 Converse again issued to do note this is the Jack shoes, Purcell shoes open smile, joint cooperation with the United States well-known brand J.Crew, we can see two kinds of shoes are blue and white cloth to make, at the same time in the upper to the old damage. The shoes are priced at $65. Converse limited Jack Purcell; open shoe; Paul Smith shoes; British index comments on last article: "Converse limited Jack Pur Cheap air jordans for sale cell" open shoes next: Paul Smith shoes on the British index Nike Air Rift shoe has just announced a comeback, they released 2015 Strike while the iron is hot. spring color. The series was inspired by Kenya's barefoot runners run ridge fault lines and Rift Valley, the design will be applied to the shoes in the laws of nature with human engineering, and Air Rift is now the best performing styles of shoes. The vamp is made of mesh material, which matches with neoprene, and is known for its bright color and striking color. At the same time, it can also satisfy the functional and lively spring and summer atmosphere. It is reported that the series's first wave color will be landing in April 27th, Nike brand stores and, more colors will be introduced after May 15th. Interested in playing, you have to pay more attention to cough up! -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! we'll find you a super girl on the mobile phone is out of the water should be how to deal with! explains the patented shoe making technology in hot shoes, and how many do you know? : Resurrection?! Diadora science stickers tell you why it can roll over By the end of , the "/1626 tide community" was finally closed! 1626 x presents: tidal power tidal Street - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - 〉 NIKE Air Jordan.html" target=" _blank" 〉 Jordan II Retro Candy Pack, which is air jordan 11 space jam for sale caused by sustained attention since the publication of shoes fans, its eye-catching dazzling color constitute the main idea of this kind of style, bright color is very rare in the Jordan Brand series of shoes also, adds some vitality to the young. Interested friends will be able to pay attention to the October 30th release information at Jordan Brand stores around the world. Ice Cream 2010 autumn winter Hi-Cut Drippy shoes Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 4 New York on sale site comments on last article: "Ice Cream" 2010 autumn winter Hi-Cut Drippy shoes next article: Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 4 New York sale site The advent of the Air Jordan III 1988 "Black Cement" (also called "black cement") is one of the color AJ III series high popularity, in 1994, 2001, 2008 and 2011 4 engraved hair before the pass customer service, known as black cement or in the next year will once again usher in the engraved on sale. Today's Air Jordan is becoming more and more inclined to restore OG face, so Air Jordan III "Black Cement" comeback may also be followed by the classic Nike Air logo back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- , every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! May be you ignore the sexy and publicity why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommende cheap air jordans d - - - - - - - - - - &nbs〉for a long time no movement of CLOT recently re tannins and Japanese regional brand DENIM BY VANQUISH & amp; fragment design collaboration, issued the latest single product. In addition to previously well-known & quot; RGB Pattern & quot; washing jeans, cotton trousers and also release also uses Nissan handbag made of high-quality denim. The new series of single products are using CLOT iconic nation waist floral patch, and then to symbolize fragment Lightning Logo blessing combination marked cooperate identity. It is learned that this series will be added to this month on the 19th, in the past there were not a single product CLOT shelves immediately sold out, like a friend seems to lose time.Tinker Hatfield · new design: Nike Max 90 Air Ultra Superfly T 2016-03-22 15:23:06 2016 in March, to celebrate the birthday of Max Air, HTM and thrust, endowed with new connotation for this change constantly cooperation series. Teng Yuan Hao, Hatfield and Mark Tinker Parke first introduced the independent design of the shoes, marks on their own HTM cooperation projects for a long time the unique contribution. Here, Hatfield shares with us the design story of Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Superfly T. 's new breakthrough: I resist, just as an arbiter or a stylist of style. If I were asked to redesign a Air Max, I would change it. I'm going to add some extra technology to it. I've always loved wearing Mercurial Superfly, and I like the feel of its shoes and neckties. By applying this kind of collar to Air M cheap air jordans online ax 90, we can improve its performance, which has always been one of my interests as designers. 's idea of starting from an athlete: I always use a grading technique in design, and I'll think about some of the top users first. If I pay attention to a high level athlete, then the result will be better. In other words, I first started thinking about athletes, such as a world class athlete, or a former athlete. That's the beginning of my definition of the whole style. Fortunately, over the years, this way of thinking has always helped to shape the style. 's inspiration for color choice: everything I do takes my own experience. When I draw a sketch, I draw the key to everything I see and everything I do. When I design this shoe, I draw inspiration from my experience in the United States and france. These two countries have had a profound impact on my career, which is the source of red, white and blue matching. 's color scheme represents, to some extent, my starting point in color matching, because throughout my career, I've always preferred mixed colors, or odd color mixing. But on these shoes, I go back to the main hue. It's a very attractive shoe that combines unique technology, but uses the dominant color directly. Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Superfly T will be passed〉 in March 22ndnew color Nike KD 8 EXT has finally brought us a very strong visual impact! Black Knit uppers, tongue to golden KD Logo embellishment, make sense of luxury upgrade again. , if this KD 8 gets your favor, you migh Cheap jordans online t as well call it a ~ Air Jordan and Defining Countdown recently released the brand Moments set this, another is also to air Jordan glorious occupation career tribute Slam Dunk suite will also be in shock on sale next year. The package contains two pairs of Jordan won the second consecutive all star dunk contest champion wearing the shoes, a pair of 1987 when the original Air Jordan II, another pair is from the 1988 Air Jordan III color home court bull. Unsurprisingly, two pairs of shoes will bloom in the same elaborate design, beautiful box together with the sale, it is worth starting! The exact date of the package is unknown for the time being, but 2010 should be in doubt. this zoom kobe icon Kobe series of new ways to present in front of us, choose Kobe 6 classic outsole details such as Zoom Flight glove that like upper design, bring long but is quite familiar with the design, and the metal gold tone rendering the body more show brisk; currently, the color has been officially shelves for sale, No. 819858-700, overseas official price of 170 dollars. source: NIKEthe day before yesterday, the reporter from the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the first half of this year, according to the annual inspection plan Supervision approved by the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of the Zhuhai production and processing of agricultural products, processed food and beverages, household appliances, light industrial products, textile and footwear products, chemical jordans on sale mens products, building materials, mechanical and electrical products products, metallurgy and metal products, energy products and other categories of 11 products quality supervision, inspection results show the quality of the products qualified rate slightly higher than the same period last year. textile and footwear products low qualification rate of it is understood that the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of the first half of a total sample of 947 companies (Times), found substandard products enterprises 156 (Times). The total number of enterprises accounted for 16.47% of the sample; sampling of 1406 batches of products, qualified 1222 batches, batch pass rate of 86.91%. With the same period last year's batch pass rate of 85.37% compared to the first half of this year's batch pass rate edged up 1.54 percentage points; and this year, the qualified rate of 80.90% compared to the first half of the national supervision, Zhuhai City, the first half of this year, the qualified rate of 4.47 percentage points higher. the first half of the year, in the 11 categories of the checks, found unqualified products mainly include four categories: agricultural products, batch pass rate of 75%; food and beverage processing, batch pass rate of 82.68%; light industry product batch pass rate of 94.62%; textile and footwear products batch pass rate of 68.52%. The other household appliances and other seven types of products pass rate of 100%. low rate of qualified products for textile and footwear products, such products in the first half of the supervision and inspection, the qualified rate of clothing is 58.33%, the main problems are three indicators of identity, pH, composition, which content index is unqualified and labeling of. in view of the above problems, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau will take the following measures: one is the guidance, help enterprises to find the unqualified reasons, assist enterprises to improve the purchasing management system of inspection of raw materials, improve the enterprise products the level of quality; two is for the enterprise management personnel, free training, implement the relevant national laws and regulations and technical standards; the three is to increase supervision of food production enterprises, improve the inspection and supervision of the frequency; four is to carry out special rectification. Crack down on the use of non food) now, almost all the e-commerce businesses as a hotly contested spot, many footwear enterprises are part of the blueprint for the development of programming in network channels, hoping to share in the online shopping in a cup of soup, looking for new profit growth point. According to the authoritative website ALEXA latest monitoring data evaluation index statistics, in the numerous footwear B2C user coverage and flow competition, occupy the top three were good music to buy, excellent shopping network and Amoy net, but this is only horizontal contrast across the enterprise, in the vertical and own more, and shopping network, good music to buy and letao decline visits in varying degrees. although expensive for the shoe of the top three, but no one is profitable. At present, the whole shoe B2C are not profitable, the high cost of. Shoe B2C gross margin of approximately 20%-30%, and logistics costs accounted for the entire footwear B2C unit 10%, unit 30% marketing costs accounted for, crazy even reached 50%. After a huge marketing promotion, warehousing and logistics cost, to dig to human expenditure, and 10% of the cost of logistics, each shoe B2C are selling blood type operation". (Editor: Asia Footwear)ESPN recently announced their selection of this season's League 30 team starting point guard ranking, the following: ESPN's annual ranking of the players will come back. in order to complete the ranking, we study the field performance of each player and related data, including the victory with value (Warp) and true positive and negative value (RPM), in order to outside, some of the characteristics of each player will is our concern. this issue we bring to you is the point guard ranking. 1, Stephen - Curitiba, team: Jinzhou warriors true positive and negative values in the control of the rankings: 1No.victory contribution value in the control of the rankings: 1No.The library is not NBA the pursuit of pace and shooting space pioneer, but he is already the leader in this area. He really had the chance to be the leader of this era. undervalued talent: we all know Curitiba exquisite projection technology, the library was a little neglected is his passing ability. Over the past few years, he scored a pass to create a score of 2% in the league. future: Curry after getting rid of ankle injuries, quickly ushered in the occupation career in the spring. How long his career peak period, but also will determine how high he can be in the position of NBA's historical point guard. 2, Paul Chris team: the Losangeles clippers true positive and negative values in the control of the rankings: 2No.victory contribution value in the control of the rankings: 2No. few players such as Paul stable, in previous years and Paul competition first point guard players (such as Delong, long and Ross) now have no the qualification. In the past 8 seasons, Paul has 7 seasons of victory in the league's top eight in the league. underrated talent: we all know that Paul is a ball master, pick and roll masters and masters, which allows us to ignore his outstanding shooter attribute. In the past 3 seasons, his catch and shoot ability are ranked in the League before the 4%. future prospects: if Paul can get a championship, then he can make up for almost all the regret of his career. 3, Westbrook Russell team: Oklahoma City Thunder true positive and negative values in the control of the rankings: 3No.victory contribution value in the control of the rankings: 3No.Westbrook can do anything on the pitch, even if sometimes it's not. is undervalued: Westbrook doesn't like to pass the ball, but his passing is especially productive because he is always able to attract players, and there's a scoring machine around him.