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item: 652141-301 release date: May 17thPrice:Jordan brand will be in the next year on sale two popular "bred" ruddy and Georgetown Georgetown color air jordan 11 low. "Bred" I will go on sale in May 23rd next year, and the Georgetown color will be listed in June, the price of $170. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send.Custom version Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Fish Scale" releases 2015-06-18 12:28:04 sneaker Nike Air much domestic concern Foamposite One "Gone Fishing" will be on sale in China next week, but the shoes have been available abroad, it may be unable to meet some of the demands of sneaker, the day before that is a "global white sneakers lovers" as the blueprint, to create a new "double Fish Scale shoes, uppers using large scale rendering, and the upper Swoosh are covered with paint, showing a perfect theme atmosphere. far away, this is a state, is also a kind of realm, when you are tired of the busy world, Cheap jordans online you will understand that simple is happy, wherever you are, always follow the pressure and trouble you at this moment as the shadow follows the form, you need to relax, everything is bearish, so you will feel heartfelt joy and happiness. In fact, the purest and simplest Nike Air Foamposite One "White" that we had "dirty" eyes shine again, a pair of shoes in the end in the design is successful, not by the color mosaic white riotous with colour, see Air Force 1, no matter how many launched a limited edition, the most classic is always full of white shoes "simple", like this woman, makeup beauty is not beyond the most touching. Nike Air Foamposite One, after experiencing the "galaxy", "camouflage" and so on, returned to the most essential spirit of shoes, compared to those who win the color match shoes, Nike Ai〉XLARGE and Adidas Originals street fashion brand new launch in summer 2013 signed version of Superstar 80s "Giraffe", black suede shoes material collocation of white shell toe, white soles, and three side bars logo, and followed by the details of the tongue have giraffe striped horsehair material, is ex jordans on sale online pected in April 27th will be officially on sale. As the rivet elements hot nowadays, take the fashion line of clover will naturally take advantage of a new adidas Originals Superskate Mid Studded the use of rivet elements embedded in the distribution of white leather shoes on. Two different sizes of square rivets decoration, not only brings the trend of temperament, but also a kind of diamond like luxury, great collection value.Sports players MIA Skate Shop & times; Nike SB shoes do not note the United multiply 2013-06-14 12:31:11 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network June 14 hearing, the United States Miami in addition to the popular beach famous in the world outside, the local skateboarding development is also very vigorous, gave birth to many famous skaters. Recently local skateboard boutiques MIA Skate Shop on Union cooperation with Nike SB, do not create a new note of Dunk Low Pro shoes, and at the same time as MIA Skate Shop was established to celebrate the tenth anniversary. The design team to Miami's sandy hair like the environment, the use o Cheap foamposites for sale f prints seem waves in the upper, and casting a transparent blue rubber soles, highlight a rich marine atmosphere. In addition to the above Dunk Low Pro shoes, the two sides also brought a series of plans at the same time do not note a single product launch in June 21, interested friends not to be missed. & nbsp; Related news& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] distance PUMA evoPOWER football series was released two weeks, the world's leading sports brand PUMA launched the first surprise test sneakers --evoPOWER CAMO . Technology and innovation and technology that shape the mysterious new dual-boots with the formal adoption of evoPOWER same shoes, the only difference is that the upper selected evoPOWER CAMO camouflage color, adds to the expectations of the fans for the official version. Within the next two weeks, the famous star Cesc? Fabregas, Mario? Balotelli and Marco? Royce will wear this shoe debut in training and competition. evoPOWER design inspired by the dress like a barefoot-like feel, in technological innovation, it is to reach the highest level of football fields. Al Cheap foamposites for sale though the mysterious appearance does not reveal too many details about the design and performance characteristics evoPOWER, but it certainly is, this shoe will significantly enhance the explosive power and accuracy of the players on the pitch when the ball. Careful observation of this test sneakers design, you will find various patterns on the uppers are made of gray and blue-green PUMA puma logo cleverly composed, it appears that the overall pattern showed amazing camouflage effect. well-known star Cesc? Fabregas evoPOWER CAMO give a high evaluation, "Testing sneakers are always a bit mysterious atmosphere, to pre-empt this unique design of shoes to wear to play, I feel very honored every .PUMA New shoes always gives me a surprise, but I especially like this regardless of shape or performance are very good new series. I can not wait to put on the official version of the explosive show on the pitch "(Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative Most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network) : 29 big fireworks footprints appeared at the opening ceremony of the Beij cheap jordans for sale ing Olympics last night in Quanzhou. The difference is that this time, the 29 "historical footprints" are forever fixed on a painting 33 meters long and 4 meters wide. last night, the Beijing Olympic Games, Paralympic Games opening and closing ceremonies of visual effects art design Cai Guoqiang returned to his hometown in Quanzhou, making a huge explosive powder painting, which is by far the largest individual works. 18 pm last night, Cai Guoqiang is wearing a green coat in the field, with a pair of slippers, look dignified, holding a microphone with dialect blasting command. The scene only saw a painting 33 meters long and 4 meters wide on the ground. It was covered with cardboard and bricks and could not see what it was. in fact, for this picture, Cai Guoqiang is ready for two days, the first is especially careful to sketch every road, every tower, a painting is not arbitrary, then the powder, oil pressure, pressure of cardboard etc.. 18:20, with the Cai Guoqiang lighter ignited, a dazzling fire accompanied by smoke jumped through. The scene of the people have not had time to look at the end of the scene, smoke fi cheap jordans lled the scene. with the painting "debris" cleaning, a complete huge explosive blasting pictures show. The painting takes the historical track of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games as the theme, and takes the central axis of the Forbidden City as the center, a series of "big footprints" all the way from history to the future (pictured). , director of Chinese Art Museum Fan Dian, said: "Cai Guoqiang created popular paintings in his hometown, not only because it was his home, but also that Quanzhou had a long history and played a good role in his creation." / dialogue used gunpowder to set the historical footprint "" last night, Cai Guoqiang interviewed reporters after making a powder blasting picture. reporter: how do you feel about today's work? Cai Guoqiang: this historical footprint is not good, there are many buildings on the painting, but if there is no building, it is not like the Forbidden City, so the light architecture is very hard to draw, a bit like painting a building design. And the footprints I designed were fantastic, and I smoked a lot of smoke in cardboard, creating a sense of fantasy. reporter: you are a sentimental person. Some relatives come to see your paintings today. So, do you choose to create this kind of emotion in your hometown? CAI) marriage can be scheduled wedding, travel can customize routes, use the phone can set the bell...... Today, personalized and fashionable design, custom shoes are also popular in our city. relative to the body other clothing accessories, perhaps people on shoes is the most demanding, decent and well made a pair of shoes, not only demands comfort and withstand wear, but also enhance the overall image of you. Yesterday, the reporter arrived at the people's road "33 design shoes", a less than 20 square meters of shops, from time to time to set the customer shoes to get the shoes, the clerk Xiao Zhou busy awfully. and many shoe store is different, the shoe rack none of the shoes are for sale, only for customers to choose customized style samples. Xiao Zhou said: "due to the rapid renovation of many styles of shoes, many female customers have their own magazines or shoes to custom foot." Reporters noted that, in the shop also placed a variety of materials for customers to choose, color leather more than 40 kinds. into the store from the original to the final proofing, "orphan" shoes released, takes roughly a week. But for a pair of shoes and the one and only, a lot of people are willing to wait this time. "33 design shoes" Mr. Pan told reporters that the general custom shoes customers are some fashionable white-collar workers, they do not want to wear the same shoes and others, so will their own design for customized shoes; some special crowd on the market to buy the big trumpet shoes and also here custom. although the pavement inconspicuous, but the boss is on the back of the sale of "word of mouth". Mr. Pan said: "we are more expensive than brand shoes, and the quality is better than ordinary shoes."." Less than two months after the shop opened, 300 customers had visited it, and the numbers continued to grow. reporters in the interview, is coming to pick up shoes Miss Zhao, she joked that his custom leather shoes on the "addiction", a month of continuous customization of three pairs. When asked if there are so many brand shoes, but she only picked custom shoes, unknown to the public, Zhao Xiaojie said, not only here can be customized according to their own feet, can also be customized according to their own design style, comfort and lack of personality, love of nature. as the saying goes, "shoes are comfortable and uncomfortable, only you know."". In such an age of showing individuality, the new "design custom shoes" also brings promising business opportunities for ambitious people who want to start a small business. (Editor: admin)New Exposure Jordan Melo B'Mo 2013 for sale in summer 2013-12-08 22:30:20 As the chief spokesperson of the Jordan Brand, melon Anthony Melo launched every year in addition to the series, we finally ushered in the Melo family branch field external version, Jordan Melo B'Mo this upcoming summer sale next year, although not as positive as the latest generation of science and technology arm, but practical appearance or make a lot of friends like, now we do not know what science and technology vamp , in the bottom part and before the end of the shoe is very similar to Jordan Phase 23 Hoops. Jordan Melo B'Mo information about, SIZE shoes newspaper will continue to bring.